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AirPro is the most advanced diagnostic, calibration, and programming scan tool using 100% licensed OEM information and software directly connected to the vehicle while operated by a skilled team of expert diagnosticians.

We don’t make the hardware or the software, our service makes them better.


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AirPro device with diagnostic software directly connected to the vehicle

Remote brand specialist technician does a full scan & thorough diagnostics

Service, findings and verification of the process is recorded and stored on the cloud for easy documentation

Compete report and findings provided on user portal and through email


Or 10-Minute Response Pledge

Our EverGreen Warranty is our commitment to updating our AirPro tool to the latest technology. This will keep your shop up-to-date without the cost or inconvenience of purchasing the latest version.


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The AirPro Diagnostics team is a rapidly growing team dedicated to helping shop owners access the technology they need to perform safe, reliable repairs.

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